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Brain Calm is an effective blend of critical amino acids and herbs that promote relaxation and sleep. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is an amino acid that functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. Most neurotransmitters, such as acetylcholine and noradrenaline, promote a feeling of wakefulness and alertness, however GABA acts by blocking these -excitatory” neurotransmitters to promote relaxation in the brain. By promoting relaxation, GABA has been shown to help sleep irregularities such as the inability to fall asleep or waking during the night. Additionally, Brain Calm contains Passion flower, which is used traditionally in Herbal Medicine as a sleep aid, especially in times of restlessness or sleeplessness due to mental stress. Plant compounds of Passion flower exert effects in the brain by binding to GABA receptors, promoting a relaxation effect similar to GABA itself. By reducing feelings of anxiousness and stress, randomized control trials have found that Passion flower improves overall sleep quality.


Temporarily promotes relaxation
Passionflower is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a sleep aid

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Douglas Laboratories Brain Calm

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