Endocrine Complete is a comprehensive combination of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and herbal extracts specifically formulated to support endogenous hormone production by the endocrine system, including thyroid and insulin function. As a Hormone Specific multi-nutrient, this formulation can be used as a foundation of hormone health with any of the Hormone Specific? Formulations manufactured by Douglas Laboratories and formulated by Joseph J. Collins, RN, ND.

Adequate amounts of iodine and selenium are essential for normal thyroid function and thyroid hormone production. Chromium is essential for the formation of the glucose tolerance factor (GTF) and subsequent maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. Chromium appears to potentiate insulin action by increasing insulin binding, insulin receptor numbers, and rate of insulin receptor phosphorylation. In addition to offering these nutrients that help maintain endocrine gland health, Endocrine Complete provides a wide variety of herbs used in traditional medicine.


Thyroid function
Healthy glucose metabolism