Promotes proper muscle function
Supports bone development and maintenance

Magnesium citrate is a highly bioavailable form of magnesium that supports the
metabolism of macronutrients and energy production. While normal magnesium
levels may lessen the perception of exertion during exercise, suboptimal levels
can occur after the loss of fluids, including prolonged sweating, which can
compromise performance. Magnesium is an essential bone matrix mineral that
promotes healthy bone metabolism. A trial involving 2,038 older individuals
indicated that higher intakes of magnesium were positively associated with
bone mineralization for certain subjects. Magnesium also plays essential roles
in maintaining healthy muscle contractile function. As magnesium regulates
calcium channels, it may have an important role in controlling cramping. Several
clinical trials have found that magnesium supports muscle function during
intense exercise and helps to lessen nighttime leg cramps.